Avena Aloe Vera Body Cream

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Avena Aloe Vera Body Cream
Avena Aloe Vera Body Cream
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Avena Aloe Vera Body Cream by Instituto Espanol contains Natural Aloe Vera ingredients that provides the skin with a repairing, regenerating, and nourishing effects. Use this Aloe or Savila Body Cream to provide extreme dry skin with intensive moisturizing restoration of smoothness in your skin.

- Rich Moisture Eases Dryness

- Soothes Damaged or Dry Skin

- Gentle, Natural & Non-Irritating

- Light, Clean and Non-Greasy

- Regenerates and Nourishes

This 100% Natural Aloe Vera Cream serves as an excellent body moisturizer for all skin types. Since 1903 the Avena by Instituto Espanol creams have been providing soothing moisturizing effects to the skin helping to regenerate and repair damaged or dry skin.

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