Camay Clasico Soap

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Camay Clasico Soap
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Camay Classic Hand Soap is an amazingly floral scented beauty hand & bath bar soap that completely moisturizes your skin leaving it silky soft, beautifully clean, and naturally rose scented. This attractive and intoxicating rose scented soap is a natural rejuvenating bar of soap. The Hydra Floral Oils and Essence of pure Roses in this Camay Soap helps to provide the ultimate skin care hydration to your skin for long lasting scented beauty. This slightly rose scented bar soap leaves your skin fresh & renewed with clean, soft, and nourished skin.

Camay Bath Soap provides you with a mild floral scent bar of soap which is enriched with essence of Rose inspired by French Perfumes which leaves the skin Soft, Smooth, and Smelling Fresh. This Camay Soap is suitable for your face, body, male, or female and its perfect for all skin types. If you are seeking the very best and beautiful skin care with your soap, then this Camay Soap is the item for you. This bar of soap not only smells amazing, but leaves your skin smelling floral fresh after every use. No hand soap can leave your skin feeling so smooth and smell this amazing.

Camay Classic Bar Soap by Unilever is the actual original formula that is now made in Mexico and still provides the ultimate amount of beauty value per ounce with 3 bars of soap. This Skin Car Bath and Hand Soap is florally carved, well packed, and will add an extra elegance to your home.

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