Grisi Soap Olivo

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Grisi Soap Olivo
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Aceite de Olivo Grisi Bath Soap is ideal for Aging Skin due to its Amino Acids enriched formula which helps to return it to its original state. This package includes a 3.5 Oz Bath and Hand Soap Bar by Grisi with an enriched formula of Olive Oil as well as Amino Acids for firm skin. This Bar Soap by Grisi is helpful on moisturizing face and body through its amazing Olive Oil extract; as well as the Amino Acids and beeswax.

- Olive Oil Enriched

- Skin Firming

- Moisturizing

- Amino Acids Enriched

For those looking for a Firming Bath and Body Soap to moisturize and firm skin, Honey Bee Hand Soap by Grisi is ideal.

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