Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap

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Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap
Grisi Acne Sulfur Soap
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Grisi Sulfur Acne Soap Treatment is a very effective solution for Acne and the overall treatment of Acne. It helps by washing away dirt, unclogging pores, balancing oil production, and helping to remove harmful bacteria in the skin healing acne scars and fading irritation. This Soap contains Lanolin to help heal and visibly improve the damaged skin from Acne.

Continued use of this soap helps to eliminate existing acne while also preventing future breakouts as well. Formulated with 10% Sulfur which is one of the oldest known acne treatments. Historically Sulfur was used in ancient times to treat and wide range of skin problems, most importantly acne. This Acne Fighting Ingredient tends to be gentler on the skin than many other acne treatments.

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