Herbacil Te De Manzanilla Y Anis (25 Bags)

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Herbacil Te De Manzanilla Y Anis (25 Bags)
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Herbacil Chamomile and Anise Tea is ideal in preparing for bed as it can reduce pain while relaxing and soothing . This package includes 25 bags of Chamomile Tea by Herbacil with only two amazing ingredients: Chamomile and Anise Flowers. This Relaxing product by Herbacil gives menstrual cramp relief , reduces inflammation and is useful in treating cold and flu symptoms ; it is also very helpful with digestion.

- Relaxing

- Menstrual Cramp Relief

- Inflammation Relief

- Cold and Flu Symptoms Relief

For those looking for an all-natural tea, that also has health benefits, and can help create a sense of relief, Chamomile and Anise Tea by Herbacil is ideal.< p/>

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