Grisi Manzanilla Gold Shampoo

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Grisi Manzanilla Gold Shampoo
Grisi Manzanilla Gold Shampoo
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If you are looking for an excellent Hair Care Shampoo that helps provide you with a Luminous Shine, Increased Hair Volume that also delivers you with a cleansed, softer, and radiant glow then look no further. Grisi Manzanilla GOLD Shampoo is enriched with Nutricomplex Q10 and Multivitamin formula that helps to lighten hair gradually. This revitalizing and radiant look is thanks to the Chamomile Flower Extracts. This Chamomile Shampoo helps provide you with softer, stronger, and more flexible hair contains a Luminous Glow all day long.

  • Lightens Naturally
  • Luminous Glow
  • Adds Color & Radiance
  • Improves Health & Volume
  • Moisturizes & Softens

The Chamomile Flower has long been used as an essential ingredient for healthier and beauty hair. The Flower extracts in this Shampoo help to provide an excellent Hair Lightening solution that helps enrich its color and radiance. Chamomile is excellent for Beauty and Hair Care products because it provides a nerve soothing and nourishing effect that helps Moisturize and Soften your Hair. Chamomile is also a more natural Anti-Dandruff Agent that is very effective as a scalp treatment for Dandruff. It can sooth, hydrate, and ease the scalp from irritation and itching.

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