Redoxon Vitamin-C Tablets

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Redoxon Vitamin-C Tablets
Redoxon Vitamin C Supplement
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Redoxon Vitamin C Supplement helps to power the body's defenses, and provide greater protection for your family's natural defenses. Redoxon is an effervescent tablet with Double Action support from Vitamin-C + Zinc. Combining these two vitamins helps Redoxon deliver more energy for your daily activities and helps to protect and reinforce your family's defenses to keep them healthy to fight off the common cold and flu.

  • Vitamin C + Zinc are a potent antioxidant for MORE ENERGY
  • Redoxon helps stimulate the Immune System to FIGHT INFECTIONS
  • Decreases the intensity and severity for FEWER & SHORTER COLDS
  • Double Action of Vitaman C and Zinc

Vitamin C + Zinc have been widely studied and are recommended for their immunological and antioxidant properties. They are also recommended for those with hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk. On the other hand, Vitamin C + Zinc been shown affective in the prevention of the common cold and decreasing the duration of the cold.

Ingredients: Citric acid, ascorbic acid, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol (humectant), polyethylene glycol (anti caking agent), natural flavor, sucralose, zinc citrate, salt, colored with beta-carotene, L-lysine hydrochloride.

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