XL-3 Day Time Liquid

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XL-3 Day Time Liquid
XL-3 Day Time Liquid
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XL-3 Cold Medicine helps you to continue with your daily life as it relieves cold and flu symptoms without putting you to sleep with a citrus orange flavor. This package includes 12 Fl Oz of Day Time Cold Medicine by XL-3 with Acetaminophen, Dextromethrorphan HBr and Phenylephrine HCl. This product by XL-3 is helpful in relieving nasal congestion, fever, aches and pains, sore throat and cough.

- Day Time

- Non-Drowsy

- Orange Flavor

- Relieving

For those looking for a non-drowsy cold medicine, Day Time Cold Medicine by XL-3 is ideal.< p/>

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