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Manasul Tea - 50 tea bags - Manasul tea is completely natural drink that eliminates fat and toxins, while it helps to lose weight and maintain a slim with a youthful figure. Manasul is produced using plants that are known for regulating intestinal functions, eliminating fat and toxins. Manasul tea should be drank after dinner, we recommend to take it only once a day. Manazul upc is 0-80133-81050-9. Manasul tea contains senna, which is a non bitter pod plant that is also named Cassia. Senna is a shrub from Pakistan, India and China. MANASUL is formulated to improve how your digestive system works which results in losing weight. Manasul is effective because the plant Senna contains anthraquinone glycosides which is known as sennosides, the molecules are converted into rhein-anthrone by the normal bacteria in the colon. Manasul first action is to stimulate the colon activity by affecting the lining of the large intestine and thus speeds bowel movements. Second, this activity increases fluid secretion by the colon. All together these activities work to get a sluggish colon functional again. Directions: How much should I use? A single tea bag in a cup of boiling water consumed as an after dinner tea should be enough to stimulate your digestive system. Many people experience a bowel movement early the next morning. One can usually expect a bowel movement 10 hours after consumption. Some individuals are more sensitive to senna than others. We recommend increasing the frequency with which you drink Manasul slowly, beginning with a cup after dinner two to three times a week. Manasul provides excellent relief from constipation. You may experience cramps as your bowel movements begin to regulate. Mint tea can help decrease cramping during these times. If constipation is not alleviated within a week or if cramping persists, individuals should seek the help of a health care professional. Manasul is safe for children over the age of six; however, half a cup should be used instead to provide adequate relief. Great results can be achieved by drinking Manasul only 4-5 times a week. Manasul tea is less concentrated than senna tablets, which makes it safer to use long term. Senna has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Northern Africans and southwestern Asians have used it as a laxative. Senna was considered a "cleansing" herb due to its liberating qualities. Additionally, the leaves were sometimes made into a paste and applied to various skin diseases. Ringworm and acne were both treated in this way. Most senna preparations have a bitter, slightly nauseating taste. Tome te Manasul para perder peso, es un te totalmente natural, es un diuretico, que le ayuda a eliminar las toxinas y los excesos. Se puede obtner buenos resulatdos tomando el te de 4-5 veces por semana. La mejor hora de tomar el te es despues de la cena.

Ingredients: Cassia angustifolia (80%), menta piperita (20%)