Manasul Tea (50 Bags)

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Manasul Tea (50 Bags)
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Manasul Tea is a Natural Diuretic to help control your appetite cravings, regulate intestinal functions, and assist with eliminating toxins from your body. Te de Manasul is a great addition to any weight support program and help assist you with your weight control. Manasul Tea is produced using plants that are known for regulating intestinal functions, eliminating fat, and toxins.

Bio 3 Manasul Tea contains Senna, which is a non-bitter pod plant that is also named Cassia. Manasul is formulated with Senna to improve your digestive system and is effective because of the Senna plant. Directions – A single Tea Bag in a cup of boiling water consumed as an after-dinner tea to help stimulate your digestive system.

Tome te Manasul para perder peso, es un te totalmente natural, es un diuretico, que le ayuda a eliminar las toxinas y los excesos.  Se puede obtner buenos resulatdos tomando el te de 4-5 veces por semana.  La mejor hora de tomar el te es despues de la cena.

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